Ernst W. Kiesling

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Ernst W. Kiesling, P.E., Ph.D. Professor of Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University/Executive Director, National Storm Shelter Association

Dr. Kiesling has 40 years of teaching, research, administration and public service in his career at Texas Tech University. He served as Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department for 20 years and as Associate Dean of Engineering for Research for 5 years. He has been engaged in full-time teaching and research for the past 10 years. He leads the storm shelter research effort within the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech. Dr. Kiesling and his colleagues developed the In-Residence storm shelter, an aboveground shelter capable of providing a very high degree of protection from extreme winds. Texas Tech provided shelter designs and other input to FEMA publications on storm shelters. For more on the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center, please visit For more on the National Storm Shelter Association, visit