Max Mayfield

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Max Mayfield is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) who has presented invited papers at national and international scientific meetings, lectured in United Nations' World Meteorological Organization (WMO) sponsored training sessions, and provided numerous interviews to electronic and print media worldwide.

In 2006 he received the Government Communicator of the Year Award from the National Association of Government Communicators, as well as the prestigious Neil Frank Award from the 2006 National Hurricane Conference "for…efforts to significantly improve the accuracy of hurricane Director of the National Hurricane Center, a factor which has undoubtedly helped save countless lives and property."

In 2005 he received a Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Service from President George W. Bush. He was named ABC Television Network's "Person of the Week" after 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

In 2004 the Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research sponsored Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference presented its Richard Hagemeyer Award to Mr. Mayfield for his contributions to the nation's hurricane warning program. Also in 2004, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Suncoast Chapter recognized Mr. Mayfield with its Governor's Award, an "Emmy", for extraordinary contributions to television by an individual not otherwise eligible for an Emmy.

In 2000 he received an Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2000 National Hurricane Conference for developing and expanding educational opportunities for state and local emergency management officials.

In 1996 the AMS honored him with the Francis W. Reichelderfer Award for exemplary performance as coordinator of the National Hurricane Center's hurricane preparedness training for emergency preparedness officials and the general public.

Max Mayfield has been recognized by the Department of Commerce with Gold Medals for his work during 1992 Hurricane Andrew, 2003 Hurricane Isabel, 2004 U.S. landfalling hurricanes, and the 2005 U.S. landfalling major hurricanes including Katrina, and a Silver Medal during 1988 Hurricane Gilbert. He was also awarded a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Bronze Medal for creating a public-private partnership to support the nation's disaster preparedness. He is the former Chairman of the WMO's Regional Association-IV Hurricane Committee which supports 26 members from Atlantic and eastern Pacific countries. As former director of NOAA's Tropical Prediction Center-National Hurricane Center he has played a key role in forecast and service improvements over a 34 year career.

Mr. Mayfield is married, has three children, and resides in Miami, Florida.