Install Fire-Rated Window Shutters


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Why do they matter?

Exterior window fire-rated shutters can protect windows and sliding glass doors in a wildfire. Reduce your home’s risk of fire by keeping the windows from breaking and preventing burning embers and firebrands from entering your home.

What do I need to know?

  • Solid metal shutters are preferred over wooden or plastic shutters because they are unlikely to ignite or melt.
  • Shutters can also protect against other extreme weather like high-wind events. If your home is in a windborne debris region, shutters can also serve as opening protection against wind-borne debris.
  • Temporary shutters only work if you have enough time to put them into place. Permanent shutters are easier and quicker to deploy.

Where do I start?

  • Protect windows and sliding glass doors with shutters, especially if your windows and doors are made with wood or vinyl.

More Resources:

  • FEMA P-737, Home Builders’ Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones.
  • FEMA. How to Prepare for a Wildfire.
  • FEMA. Rebuilding After a Wildfire.



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