Strengthen Roof-to-Wall Connections: Install Clips or Straps


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Why do they matter?

Your home's ability to resist extreme wind forces is only as effective as its weakest link, and the most effective way to create a hurricane-resistant home is to secure all connections starting with the roof-to-wall connection.

The roof is your home's first line of defense from a storm. To make sure the roof stays in place when severe winds blow, securely anchor roof-to-wall connections by installing metal connectors (hurricane straps or clips) or screws at every wall-to-rafter connection. Keep in mind “hurricane straps” is jargon for the connection that is made between the roof and wall structural members, but this same connection also enhances the structure against other high winds, such as those from tornadoes.

What do I need to know?

Wall connectors and straps

  • For existing construction, the easiest time to add hurricane clips is during re-roofing. If re-roofing your existing home is years away, it is possible for professional contractors to reinforce an existing home's roof-to-wall connections with hurricane straps and clips. This is often accomplished by removing soffits to access the connections. These connections are critical in holding your roof together and will dramatically increase your home’s overall resistance to wind.
  • Along with roof-to-wall connections, all joints in your home (floor-to-floor and wall-to-foundation) must also be secured to create a "continuous load path" to transfer wind loads to the building's foundation.
  • Secure floor-to-floor connections by making sure each floor in your home is connected to the floor below with straps or clips in addition to any other code-required nailing schedule for wall sheathing or wood frame walls.
  • Wall-to-foundation connections should be made through the use of anchor bolts or mud-sill anchors.
  • Install all connectors following the manufacturer's installation specifications.



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