Floods: Family Disaster Plan

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Where will your family be when disaster strikes? At home? School? Work? Will you be able to contact each other? Will you know how to stay safe? Disasters can strike at any time and without warning. Families can cope with disaster by preparing in advance.

Building a family disaster plan is half the formula for disaster safety. The other is making sure your family knows the drill. Conduct a drill at least once a year to keep family members safety smart.

Create a Plan 

  • Set a family meeting to talk about the types of disasters that could take place. Discuss the dangers of floods. Plan to work together and share responsibilities as a team.  
  • Review your property insurance coverage -- consider purchasing flood insurance. Keep an updated photo and/or video inventory of your personal belongings, furniture and children. Store a duplicate copy away from your home.  
  • Purchase a NOAA weather radio and pay attention to the latest information from the National Weather Service.  
  • Make sure the street number of your house is clearly visible from the road so emergency vehicles can easily locate you.

Set Up a Family Meeting Place

  • Pick two places to meet your family. Meet outside your home in case of a sudden emergency or at a friend's or neighbor's house in case you can't return home.  
  • Be sure that everyone knows the address and phone number for each of your meet-up locations. It's best to write down the address and phone number and carry it with you.

Determine an Emergency Contact

Ask an out-of-town friend to be your emergency contact. Family members should call this person and tell them where they are located. Everyone must know this person's phone number.