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Opening Protection

Protecting the home's openings from winds and wind blown objects is the single most important step a homeowner can take in protecting the structure from serious damage. If you can keep the wind outside, you and your possessions will be safe inside. 

Many products and systems are available to protect your home's openings, but it is critical that any product or system be both tested and approved for wind load and wind borne debris.  Unprotected standard glass windows can be penetrated easily by wind borne debris in severe windstorms allowing damaging water and wind to enter your home. Once the window glass fails, the subsequent pressurization of the structure can cause total destruction of the house. 

FLASH recommends using opening protection that meet one of the following tests to protect your windows and doors:

  • Miami-Dade TAS 201, 202 and 203

  • SSTD 12

  • ASTM E 1886 & 1996

The most common device for opening protection is the hurricane shutter system. Choices include permanent or temporary shutter systems for use on windows and skylights as well as gable end vents, sliding glass doors, exterior doors and garage doors. There are two types of shutter systems: permanent shutters and temporary shutters.