Tornado Safety

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Tornadoes are the most sudden, unpredictable and violent storms on earth. Tornadoes aren't like hurricanes that are born over open waters and can take days to reach land.

Tornadoes are spawned from thunderstorms that form when warm humid air meets a mass of cool, dry air. Only one in a hundred thunderstorms produces a tornado1. They happen quickly and often stay on the ground for only a few minutes.

While Florida gets the most tornados of any state, a strip of land that extends from northeast Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri has more tornadoes than any other place in the U.S. That area is called "Tornado Alley."

A safe room can provide the ultimate in life safety protection for you and your family from the dangerous forces of severe winds and tornadoes. You may not have the time to seek shelter outside your own home.

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