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It's time to get the house ready for hurricane season. A well-built home can stand up to hurricanes so gather the family to make sure your house is hurricane-ready. The best place to start is with a Do-It-Yourself Wind Inspection to find out what needs attention. Watch the video and print the checklist and you will be on your way!

One Hour Activities

One Day Activities

One Weekend Activity

One Hour Activities

In just one hour, you can create your family’s hurricane emergency plan. Having a family emergency plan is the first step to getting ready for hurricane season. Plans should include important documents like copies of insurance policies, the deed to your home, identification cards, and other personal papers. You also want to include your evacuation information, a shelter in place plan, important phone numbers and a home inventory.

Build Your Storm Kit

It will only take an hour to pull together the items you need for your family’s emergency hurricane kit. The first step is to consider all of the items you will need to have on hand for at least 72 hours following a storm if you would be unable to access outside resources. Kits should always include a battery-powered NOAA weather radio, batteries, flashlights, nonperishable food, and water. You will also want to account for any special needs your family may have like prescription medications, and any other supplies for children, the elderly, or pets.

Patio and Yard Inventory

If a high wind event comes your way, you will need to bring in or anchor any items outside of your home that could become a dangerous flying projectile. To make sure you don’t miss anything at the last minute, create a checklist of all of the items you will need to take care of.

There may be conditions under which you will decide to evacuate or there may be situations when you are ordered to leave. When community evacuations become necessary local officials will provide information to the public through the media, sirens, text alerts and telephone calls, however it is important to “Know Your Zone” ahead of time. Contact your local emergency manager’s office to find your evacuation zone and routes to several destinations in different directions so you have options in an emergency.

Protect Your Home in A FLASH One Day Hurricane Prep Activities

One Day Activities


In a high wind event anything can become a dangerous flying object. Take a day to make your landscaping more hurricane resistant. Activities include replacing landscaping rocks with mulch or trimming back tree limbs hanging over your roof.


Along with strong wind, hurricanes bring heavy rains. Your gutters are there to direct this rainfall away from your home and prevent flooding. This only works if your gutters are clear and in good shape. Take the day to clear out leaves or any other debris. While you’re up there make sure you don’t have any rusted out spots, holes, or openings.


Properly installed soffits keep water out of your house, and hurricanes will bring plenty. Properly installed soffits should stay in place in most high wind events, so take the day to make sure yours will stand up to a hurricane. Suitable caulking and screws will ensure your soffits are fit for hurricane season.

Enhancing Roof Sheathing Attachment

You can improve your roof’s resistance to uplift, without removing any of your roof covering! Proper application of the right caulk can increase the wind uplift resistance of your plywood roof sheathing by as much as three times! This one-day activity should be started in the early morning hours as attics can become quite warm in the afternoon hours.

Protect Your Home in A FLASH One Weekend Hurricane Prep Activities

One Weekend Activity

Measure for Temporary Emergency Plywood Shutters

If a hurricane is headed your way and you do not have pre-installed hurricane shutters, you are going to want to board up with plywood shutters. To make the process easier, measure all of the windows in your home you need to protect. You will then want to get all of your plywood cut and labeled to make installation easier if a storm is closing in.

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