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The Ready Business Workshop contains five sections that align with the ReadyBusiness Toolkit.

The first three sections outline the step-by-step process in the toolkit: IDENTIFY YOUR RISK, DEVELOP A PLAN, and TAKE ACTION.
The next section of the workshop is the SCENARIO-BASED DISCUSSION, which reinforces the three steps through a simulated disaster.

Finally, an optional PARTNERSHIP SHOWCASE may be organized and added to the workshop agenda to provide opportunities for relevant vendors and service organizations to network with participants and share relevant preparedness and mitigation information.

Workshops are free but registration is required.

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Identify Your Risk

This section of the workshop outlines the risk to the organization through two presentations. The first presentation outlines the risk through science. Typically, a local disaster risk expert discusses the level of local risk for the peril topic and recaps impacts of previous disasters that have occurred in the region.

The local risk presentation is followed by a business continuity presentation by an expert who covers the Back-to-Business (BTB) Self-Assessment in the toolkit. The BTB self-assessment allows the participating business or organization leader to think through a scenario, answer questions and record the insights regarding how the local disaster would impact their organization. The answers to their questions will provide them the specific information needed to move into the next section of the workshop, Develop a Plan.

The discussion is typically led by an experienced FEMA Exercise Coordinator or business continuity expert that is adept at involving all the organizations in the room and keeping the discussion moving forward.



Develop a Plan

A panel of presenters will present an interactive conversation featuring the elements necessary to create a Business Continuity Plan or Preparedness and Mitigation Plan.

During the Develop a Plan panel, subject matter experts will review the toolkit and present information about each pertinent area. Depending on the peril, the following areas will be included in the panel:

includes planning and preparedness activities for the protection of your staff.

includes those elements that potentially pose a threat during an event, such as fences, flagpoles, and trees.

includes the contents of your workspace, such as inventory, filing cabinets, shelving, and other furniture.

includes utility systems that support the operation of the building and are generally located on the roof.

includes architectural and structural elements of the building, especially construction types that may be vulnerable to damage or failure during an event.

includes the opportunities for your organization to engage and serve the community following an event. You may only qualify for SERVICE to others after you have prepared your own organization first.

Participation is encouraged, and time for questions is reserved at the end of each panel to ensure engagement.



Take Action

The Ready Business Program is intended to recognize and reward businesses and organizations that complete preparedness and mitigation actions to protect employees, customers, and business continuity. This section of the workshop emphasizes that developing a plan is not enough and the organization needs to follow through by taking action and review the process to gain recognition as a Ready Business.



Scenario-Based Discussion

The day closes with a relevant scenario-based discussion. The scenario-based discussion walks participants through a disaster scenario tailored to the local community and the risks it faces. Past discussions have explored flood event scenarios and the business impact of the event. Perils addressed ideally focus on recent perils or likely perils based on historical or predicted future occurrence in the community.

The discussion implements the Identify Your Risk; Develop a Plan; and Take Action steps from the toolkit.

The scenario-based discussion is the starting point for identifying the audience’s shared interests.

  • Communications, Operational Coordination, Preparedness, and Mitigation – how are these linked across the public and private sectors?
  • Partnerships are always in the background, but partnerships are not contractual; so how can we?
    • Build capability together
    • Foster capacity within the community
    • Enhance transparency
    • Leverage strengths of both sectors to benefit the community
    • Generate “Win–Win” actions and outcomes
    • Begin before a disaster occurs

The scenario-based discussion is typically led by an experienced FEMA Exercise Coordinator that is adept at involving all the organizations in the room and keeping the discussion moving forward.

Upcoming Ready Business Workshops

Workshops are free, but advanced registration is requested.


QuakeSmart Preparedness Workshop for Businesses and Organizations

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

9:00 am - 3:00 pm (Registration opens at 8:30 am)

Omni San Diego Hotel Gallery One (Meeting Room)

675 L Street

San Diego, California 92101